Meet Norris HOMED

HOMED. Norris came into our care earlier this year as a very large, intact, unchipped male tom cat who looked as though he’d been used to life on the streets for quite some time. It seems he was quite adept at encouraging people to feed him! We can’t really say he’s sophisticated or refined … with Norris, what you see is what you get!! He’s huge, big-footed, clumsy, and you can’t help but love him!  He hasn’t got too many manners and thinks nothing of accidentally (or actually on purpose!) standing on your feet or toes in an attempt to get to his food whilst you’re preparing it. He likes to play when it suits him, and catnip sends him right into mellow mode! He has a croaky meow and he makes a funny noise, almost like an acknowledgement but without opening his mouth, a cross between a grunt and a “hmmm” which is rather endearing!  So, what’s the catch? Well, to be honest, food!! Norris also has a condition called idiopathic mega colon, no doubt exacerbated by his former life-style and associated diet. It’s essentially a dysfunction / dilation of the colon leading to constipation and it’s relatively common in cats, especially around Norris’ age. Whilst he’s been in our foster care we’ve been to successfully monitor and manage his condition by adjusting his diet and medication. In fact, he gets our “Slimmer of The year Award” after losing a significant amount of weight and looking so much better than when he first came into us.   Now all that he needs is a sensible diet and a small amount of lactulose each day (to keep him regular!) which he readily takes mixed in with each meal. Simples! Norris’s passion for food does mean that without close monitoring he could quite easily overeat. For this reason we are looking for a home where Norris is the only cat. He happily uses a litter tray, and could be an indoor cat if he had plenty of space.


Retrun policy:  According to the sales contract you can return the cat only in case of genetic disease detected.

*Allergy to the cat is not a cause for return.

*If a kitten stops using a litter box it is not a cause for return. (But we allways can help to get him accustomed to litter box)


We offer 2 types of delivery:

1. Delivery by plane.  We use DeltaCargo, AmericanAirlines, United airlines(PetSafe) and Alaska airlines as our maine carriers. Delivery is available to your nearest airport with their facility. We book flight and give you all needed information to pick your kitten up. You have to show your ID and AWB number at the airlines facility.

*Option is not available if the temperature in each point is more than 85 degrees. Price $350.

2. Delivery by car. We use delivery services to bring kittens directly to your home. This type of delivery works for near by States only. Price depends of delivery location.


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